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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year.. Happy New Year and May Allah bless the Iraqi Resistance to liberate Iraq from the American Occupiers, their agents, and their allies.. insha'a allah!!
Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Boycott The Election Game...."

There has been increasing numbers of Iraqi organisations boycotting
the forthcoming elections. Recently, a meeting of political, religious
and community groups together with intellectuals, joined in their
opposition to the occupation, met on 17 November in Um El Qura Mosque,
Baghdad. Following the meeting there was a unanimous agreement and an
announcement to boycott the planned elections in January 2005 promoted
by the occupation.

The reasons given for the boycott are:- (translated from Arabic by the
translation team - Iraqi Diaspora).

1. The elections will not express the true will of the people;
neither result in their desire for true independence and democracy as
long as it is based on the Transitional Administrative Law, imposed by
the occupier. The majority of political, religious and independent
authorities therefore rejected the proposed elections on the basis that
it harbours considerable risks on the future, unity and dominion of
2. The attacks on Iraq's cities including Najaf, Karbala, Samara,
Mosul, Baghdad, Sadr City, Adhamiya, and more recently the vicious
assault on Falluja, constitute a major obstacle facing the political
process that is taking place under the domination of the occupation.

The meeting stated that:

'We have considered the impact on Iraq of the American occupation; of
what the Iraqi people continue to face and the far-reaching effects of
the mayhem and crisis on their livelihood. We consider that the
occupation targets Iraq's very existence and that of future generations
and seeks to dismantle its national, religious, and moral bonds and ties
whilst trying to paralyse both its standing and decision-making process
by removing its ability to think, to rationalise and to act effectively.
This requires a true understanding of the dangerous realities of the
occupation and the activation of a national and genuine will to resist
it. We believe that these elections will not be free and fair and with
our knowledge of the high possibility of them being rigged or fraudulent
because of the absence of satisfactory baseline statistics for the
election process and the deficiencies of the security forces to protect
its citizens together with the failure of the state organisations in
running its affairs.
We also know that the plan has been formulated to trap the
honest nationalistic forces opposing the occupation by encouraging them
to participate in the election and then prevent them from winning in
order to impart legitimacy to the occupier and whoever will represent
the occupier after the elections. This is with our absolute knowledge
that the results have already been pre-determined in the interests of
the collaborators whom the occupiers wish to win.
We therefore announce, based on the above, our boycott of the
elections and call upon all our people to do the same and inform you
that other parties and groups who have not been able to attend the
meeting will later join the patriotic forces who are making this
Long live Iraq free and independent.'

Baghdad, 17 November 2004 (4th Shawal 1425 Hijri).

"Boycott The Election Game..."

More than one hundred Iraqi intellectuals from different political and religious spectrum in Iraq signed a petition addressing what they called the 'election game' that has been called for the end of January 2005.

The petition stated: (translated from Arabic by the translation team,Iraqi Diasapora).

We, the undersigned Iraqi writers, journalists, opinion holders, political activists, state as much as we believe in a decisive form that the true democracy is the safest framework for the achievement of peace and social security in our country, and that an irreproachable election is the only method that will emphasis the will of our people in choosing their representative and government and transform the governmental positions from a privilege to a responsibility, we reject by the same magnitude what is happening in terms of slaughter, massacres and daily war crimes against the people of Iraq under the umbrella of achieving democracy and the preparation of suitable conditions for the election and we hold what is called the Interim Government responsible for providing local cover for this democracy of killing.

We therefore declare the following: - (translated from Arabic by the
Postmaster of Iraqi Diaspora).

1. We fully support the position of the patriotic parties, groups and movements which met in Um Al Qura Mosque on 17 November 2004 and their decision to boycott the election 'game' that has been announced by the occupation forces and its local stooges and we believe that its aim is to falsify the will of our people and legitimise perpetual occupation.
2. We demand the 'Interim Government', if it truly wants to achieve transparency in the election, to stop its oppressive practices against our people, and the assassinations and arrests of the citizens who call for an end to the occupation and allow them to express their views in total freedom and to release all detainees.
3. We demand the Interim Government to ending the cover-up that
provides legitimacy to the occupation forces that plays with the truth and pretends that its stay in Iraq, and its practise of ugly massacres against our people are the national will, and to withdraw its request for the occupying forces to stay. We strongly and forcefully reject the democracy of tanks and gunship.
4. We demand the formation of a transparent commission from local experts of all persuasions to include both the peaceful and armed resistance, to legislate a new administrative law to replace the existing Transitional Administrative Law that has been imposed by the occupier, which only serves the interests of the occupier and excludes national interests. In addition, to legislate a new and fair law for the elections which can prevent counterfeiting the will of the Iraqi people together with setting up committees from known and reputable people from all persuasions to observe and supervise the elections together with Arabic, Islamic and international independent electoral observers, who do not submit to the American will or control.

We call upon our people to be vigilant of this 'game' aimed at forging its will and we issue a call to escalate the protests through
demonstrations and petitions to pressurise the so called Interim
Government and ensure that our voices reach the international public
opinion, boycott the elections and defeat any game to falsify the will of the Iraqis.

The formation of the Iraqi Founding Congress (IFC):

This is an assembly of parties and groups that was formed 8 months ago and encompasses both the secular and the religious spectrum (Muslim and Christian). The Congress represents an attempt to combat the current sectarian and ethnic tenor of Iraqi politics which the occupation has created and is a true expression of the determination of Iraqis to face up to the divisive policies and ongoing attempts to stir ethnic division and the fragmentation of Iraq. The IFC stands for Iraqi unity, rejection of sectarianism and dictatorship and seeks true transparent democracy and a fair and non-corrupt re-construction of Iraq. It also opposes the occupation and calls for cessation of atrocities against the Iraqi people.
Saturday, December 18, 2004
If any body wants to know what are the Iraqis Christmas wishes, then go to riverbend on her BLOG baghdadburning.
Friday, December 17, 2004
The NBC news agency published the following article, it contains very important information on how the Iraqi Resistance is strong and effective despite the overwhelming army power of the US, U read it!:

Iraqi insurgents changing tactics effectively
U.S. military sees attacks increasing in frequency, complexity

By Jim Miklaszewski
NBC News
Updated: 7:47 p.m. ET Dec. 15, 2004

A bomb blast Wednesday at the gate of one of Shiite Muslims’ most holy shrines in Karbala, Iraq, killed eight Iraqis and wounded 32 more. It was an apparent assassination attempt by Sunni insurgents against a senior Shiite cleric. The attack comes exactly one month after U.S. military officials claimed their assault on Fallujah had broken the back of the insurgency.
But Wednesday, U.S. military officials conceded that, far from broken, the insurgents are actually getting better at devising new, more efficient methods of killing.
"A very, very sophisticated enemy — an enemy that does not have a conscience," says Maj. Gen. Stephen Speakes, deputy commander for operations of the Third Infantry Division.
Their most lethal weapons are still suicide car bombs or IEDs — improvised explosive devices — planted in the road. But the bombs are now much bigger, and the insurgents are constantly changing triggering devices to thwart any U.S. countermeasures.
"They may use doorbells today to blow things up," says Lt. Gen. Lance Smith, deputy commander of U.S. Central Command. "They may have remote controls from toys tomorrow. And as we adapt, they adapt."
But it was the U.S. military that didn't adapt fast enough. Under intense criticism that it didn't provide enough armor on its trucks and Humvees to protect the troops, the Army announced Wednesday it is spending more than $4 billion to get the job done.
Still, driving those supply convoys has become so dangerous, the Iraqi government is being forced to rehire former Iraqi military drivers for that hazardous duty.
And one more sign the violence is expected to get worse — the number of American troops in Irq reached 148,000 Wednesday, the highest since the start of the war. In fact, U.S. officials predict that as Iraqi elections in January draw near, the level of violence in Iraq will reach record levels.
© 2004 MSNBC Interactive
The following article is sent to me by a friend. Due to its importance, I decided to republish it in my BLOG and if you are interested in this article or the information it contains you can visit the site ( JIHADUNSPUN ):

Fresh Mass Grave Found In Al-Hadithah
Dec 16, 2004
Translated By Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice; Source Material Provided By Mafkarat al-Islam

Resistance attacks on a US camp located west of the city of al-Hadithah escalated to the point that American forces were compelled to evacuate the base, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.
The base, which formerly was an artillery combat school, is located on the outskirts of the ash-Shurtah neighborhood of the city. US forces took it over three months ago as a base. Ever since the US began its offensive against Fallujah, the al-Hadithah base has been a target for violent Resistance attacks that have grown so intense that the Americans finally decided to leave. Even as the Americans were withdrawing to the al-Qaadisiyah base, 15km north of al-Hadithah, the Americans came under heavy resistance attack.
After the US departure, an Iraqi shepherd and another individual entered the base where they found a fresh mass shallow grave. The shepherd’s dog dug up one of the bodies. After the first body was uncovered, the other bodies were dug up, making a total of 82 corpses in all. Each had been buried in a black bag. Some of the bodies were those of Nepalese, according to their identity tags and the little images of Buddha that they wore on their chests. There were other bodies of Indians, three Egyptians, and two Lebanese. All the dead had been buried recently as the corpses had not yet decomposed.
The identities of the Egyptians and Lebanese were determined on the basis of papers found in their clothing. They were dressed in American uniforms, unlike the Nepalese and the Indians who appear to have been cleaning workers or cooks or something of that nature.
It is unclear at this time what is being done with this bodies.
This is a developing story. We expect more details to come.
Friday, December 10, 2004
What is happening in Mosul!!
(Read the article in Arabic at )
Today is the last day of Holy Ramadan, and this is the first hour of that day. I have been in Mosul the last couple of days visiting some friends and making sure that they were all right. As chance would have it, I found myself in the middle of the liberated city. And how liberated it was, by God.

There was a real war going on there, waged by heroic Iraqis, in which the occupiers and their criminal accomplices, most of them Kurds from the Barzani and al-Talabani factions, were routed. They abandoned their weapons, which were picked up by the brothers and used to double the intensity of the fight. And though the resistance operations in Mosul have never let down for even a minute, after the interlopers began their attack on Fallujah, the city exploded and became a hell whose fires consumed the interlopers and their stooges. For three straight days, you could hear the bombs demolishing the American bases and Mosul's civilian airport, which the Americans had seized to use as a base. We saw the brave young Muslim fighters of Mosul using light arms to attack the armored personnel carriers and tanks of the Americans in order to save Mosul. ...

What was impressive was that the men of the resistance were not fighting gang style (as they call it ) but in a wide, unified liberation front. They descended on the streets at the same time at the same zero hour to block the strategic intersections that the American forces needed to move along and began attacking them ferociously. Not once during the above-mentioned three days did any of those patrols that instigated the attack achieve their objective or marshall a counterattack; rather, they all fled after seeing the destruction all around them ... And those toothless whores, the collaborators, were the last to break and run! The infidel forces left matters to the Kurdish stooges (the Tarzanis), who decided to cut off the city of Mosul by blocking its five bridges with their tanks and armored personnel carriers. This gave the heroes of the opposition a perfect chance to hit stationary targets from an unknown direction, using mortars and rockets and RPGs ...

And after they inflicted dozens of casualities and blowing up a number of tanks and armored vehicles, the enemy gathered up their dead and fled. They had been preceded by attacks by the Tarzanians throughout Mosul, it seems. But the resistance did not attack the Iraqi policy because they were clear on what their target was. Their target was the Americans and their collaborators and fellow-travellers (the Kurdish Tarzanis with their peshmergas ...) The resistance was able to collect most of the weapons the Americans and their allies abandoned. During these three days, the resistance bombarded the following locations without cease: the airport, the presidential palace, the Hotel Mosul, and the American HQs at the southern and eastern entries into the city. And they warned against destruction of any national property because this is the property of the people ... The fire did not let up until the Americans and their allies withdrew yesterday.

Baghdad, last night: The sound of explosions and rocks targeting the criminal occupation continued without cease. The resistance attacked the infidels and Kurds in Azamiyya and Karada and Yarmuk and in the center of Baghdad. And rockets struck at dawn today again at Saddam International Airport and the Republican Palace in Karada Maryam, which the Americans had made their chief headquarters.

Sources said that American infantry stopped their attack yesterday in Al-taji and near the martyred village of al-Sada. Previously, American forces and convoys had launched an attack in the Al-Taramiyya area. ... [more]

In truth, there was real war going on that words cannot describe. Suffice it to say that not a single American convoy is to be found on the streets of the capital or the roads leading to it from any direction, day or night, morning or evening, that is not attacked by the men of the brave resistance. God is great, and victory belongs to the faithful mujahidin, God willing.

Translated to English by: blogalization
Monday, December 06, 2004

I've just recisved this announcement from Ms. Rabia Madi, which updating us on the situation of the German authorities against the "First arabic-islamic congress". So, I thought it might be useful to document that and publish it. If you are interested you can read the whole "announcement" below:

At nov 24th 2004 the investigation against Fadi Madi, one of the organizors of the
"First arabic-islamic congress" in Berlin was stopped.
The Basic of the rushing expelling has been, that the generalattorney of germany at the highest court has started that investigation about suspicion of assembling members and supporters for a foreign terroristic group and other criminal acts.
Although Fadi Madi and the preparation for the congress was observed since half a year and both called nonviolent, that was done.
Now it is clear, that there was not a single proof of doing anything wrong.
Here should be mentioned as extremly interesting, that the investigation against Gabriel Daher another organizor was stopped earlier, because he is christian and cannot be an islamist and not with any bad intention. This he himself told from the papers about him.

From the actions in the Madi case very early could be seen, that it is only made out of political reasons, that the public was deceived and that Schilly, the Interior Minister of Germany, was looking for a victim "to show strength".
Also it sounds a bit naiv, the intention of Fadi Madi to let the congress take place just in germany was, because he was convicted, that we have a state of law and democracy in germany still and the right to have a free opinion and to tell it is still working here.
And together with german politicians, intellectuals and engaged ppl he wanted to find a consencus, to deal with the open questions, what is terror, what is legal and which are the legal ways for resistance.
His main fault was in first line, that he didn t understand enough german to see, what is going on here. That politicians and media aere starting an arson (as we had it in history already)again. The fact, that a demonstration, which took place every year, always peaceful, to remember the oppressed and tortured ppl of palestine, is seen as criminal now. That here in germany muslims are forced to go to a demonstration to show, that they are against terror, although it is of course clear, that all of us see terror just as something unacceptable and nothing else. Since when we have to prve to be innocent in germany? That is against all principles of our law and democracy, but that doesnt count anymore for muslims.
That all he wasn t told from his companions, which let him run into an open knife.
Especially those, who wanted a congress, but not in public as he did, openly, but in secret, because there goals for iraq are very different, and altough police know this, they just don t know how to deal with, because those are not muslims.

Fadi Madi is a muslim, with all personal weakness but also with the strength, to work for people who are oppressed and tortured. Working for that, he often forgets his own belongings and those of his surrounding, but he never forgets, that justice and freedom is the most important.
He doesn t live his islam outside like others, who are running often into mosques and into talkshows in tv, but he lives it in relation to God.
Therefore he had no contacts in germany to mosquescommunities or islamic organisations, what they answered with the fact, that they went to distance with him at once in the media, to show how much they are confirm with the government. And that only because they have been insulted, not to be asked from him before.
They went into distance to a brother, who does more for muslims as they even can imagine to do. But one day, those will even go in distance to their mothers if asked from government and also from islam at all. But for that they will be asked later from a higher instance.
It is our duty to help our suffering brothers and sisters and not to forget them. That with legal ways of course and without doubt.
I understand, that muslims from foreign countries are afraid here in germany now, and I understand everyon who has fear to say anything in public at the moment.
So far we are again in germany.............
But that doesnt justify to go publicly in distance or to say bad things about a brother, who does something better.
For sure he should have chosen his words more wisely. The translation were completly done by the other organizors, which have not been made responsible for that and who have been doing that convienced from what they do.
And more than that, me as his wife some of the muslims are ignoring and stopped talking with me, because I didn t go in distance to him, although might be I was the only person, who had reasons to do so. Some have stopped completly relation to me, because it is too dangerous to think politically in germany.
So far we are again in germany...............

Who is really thinking about, that yesterday they expelled Fadi Madi and today or tomorrow you are the enxt, who have to go, because Schilly needs to show again strength.
We should open our mouth already for the reasin, that we don t want to allow to lose our state of law and our democracy, which means a lot to us and we don t want to allow tha tthose politicians damage that for the reason to make themselfs big, out of which reason the opinion was changed during the years very much, just that showing it is only to make himself big, only.
This action about integration and dialogue was damaged with the refusal of the harmless but so important conference and the fear to be active raised even among muslims. But it also shows, that it is not really wished integration and dialogue, but assimilation and shutting up.

Now those politicians who showed during the years their guesthouseopinions about foreigners only among themselfs and not openly, show directly how they are thinking, because they think, that this now is possible and they can do in public. But they are wrong.
I still trust in people in our coountry, who are still human beings and who will realize the truth and will not accept, that we come again to a point, where germany was in history already.
They will realize, that living togethter is more important as to build new hatred against all foreign things.
I ask the muslims in germany, to show courage against the black sheps among us and act against them. Learn german, where this is not yet done and fight for your rights, but also take your duties in this country and society.
Bad behaviour, which we have among us in big amount are not eliminated if we keep silent and close our eyes, where everyone see them clearly. We must put them on the table and fight them, in the way, that we care for those who do wrong more and help them.
My cat also closes always her eyes, that I cannot see her!
The living together in any case would be much easier, if we would live as Annemarie Schimmel demanded:
I always must compare my own faults with the faults of others and my own good things with the good things of others. Not to compare my own good things witht the faults of the others.

Stuttgart, dec 5th 2004 Rabia Madi
"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell
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