The Great IRAQ!
Sunday, October 30, 2005

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 29 October 2005. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,

The Free Arab Voice.

Saturday, 29 October 2005.

· American forces unexpectedly withdraw from all but one base in al-Anbar Provincial capital of ar-Ramadi.

US soldier reported dead after midday Resistance bombing on road to al-Habbaniyah.
American troops launch campaign of mass arrests of villagers in ‘Arab Jabbur, south of Baghdad.
US soldier reported killed in morning bombing south of Bayji.
·Three American troops said killed in bombing east of ad-Dujayl Saturday morning.
Resistance fighters in Samarra’ kill four US troops, seize their weapons in daring ambush Friday.
US forces launch campaign of mass arrests east of Baghdad as Jaysh Ansar as-Sunnah Resistance group issues statement on Thursday battle with elements of Muqtada as-Sadr’s militia and Iraqi regime puppet troops.
· Muqtada as-Sadr movement affirms its unity with Iraqi Resistance, attributes Thursday clashes to “irresponsible elements” not acting on behalf of the movement.

Al-Anbar Province.

In a surprise move: US pulls out all forces from al-Anbar’s capital city ar-Ramadi, prompting Iraqi puppet military to think of quitting or leaving.

In a bulletin posted at 7:40pm Mecca time Saturday evening, Mafakrat al-Islam reported that Sami Rashid, the deputy of the puppet governor of al-Anbar Province had announced that US occupation forces at dawn on Saturday had begun to implement an official, nearly complete withdrawal from all parts of the provincial capital ar-Ramadi. Only one US base – that of al-Warrar west of the city, known to the occupation forces as A3 will remain.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported Rashid as saying that the withdrawal came as a surprise and that US forces asked that Iraqi puppet police and Iraqi puppet army forces as quickly as possible to secure the areas through which the US troops would be pulling out.

A source in the Iraqi puppet army told Mafkarat al-Islam that the withdrawal might be temporary; a method to test he how capable the puppet police and puppet army are of maintaining control over the city.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the surprising development had produced mixed reactions in the ranks of the puppet police and military. It was clear, the correspondent wrote, that what is on the mind of most members of the puppet military is either quitting the service or leaving ar-Ramadi following the American withdrawal. The troops know that it was the American military that provided the real backbone of opposition to the Iraqi Resistance and with the US forces gone, they are uneager to be called upon to battle the Iraqi Resistance on their own.

Fighting rages in ar-Ramadi late Friday night.

Fierce fighting broke out late Friday night between Iraqi Resistance forces and US troops backed up by Iraqi puppet police in the middle of ar-Ramadi, some 110km west of Baghdad.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the city reported eyewitnesses as saying that the clashes began after a powerful explosion, the exact cause of which was unclear, due to the curfew that was in force at the time.

After the explosion violent fighting erupted in which Resistance fighters used automatic weapons and medium PKS machine guns and RPG7 rocket-propelled grenades. The combat lasted for about an hour.

A US vehicle was observed on fire as a result of the fighting but no further details on the nature or extent of casualties were available.


Two Resistance bombs blast US patrols in al-Fallujah Saturday afternoon.

Two Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded by US occupation patrols in al-Fallujah at about 4pm local time Saturday afternoon.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the city reported that the first bomb went off on the street surrounding the al-‘Askari neighborhood as a patrol of four American Humvees was driving past. The blast damaged one of the vehicles, setting it completely ablaze. The fate of its four-man crew was unknown to the correspondent, due to the difficulty of approaching the scene.

The second Resistance bomb blew up by a fodder works in the industrial zone of the city, severely damaging one American Humvee. As in the case of the other bombing, the correspondent had no information on the nature or extent of US casualties in the incident.

US soldier reported dead after midday Resistance bombing on road to al-Habbaniyah.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol on the road between al-‘Amiriyah and al-Habbaniyah at about 1pm local time Saturday.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported residents of al-‘Amiriyah as saying that a bomb that had been planted by the side of the road to al-Habbaniyah blew up as a patrol of four American Humvees was driving by.

The explosion set one of the American vehicles on fire, killing one US soldier and wounding a second.

Resistance bomb targets US patrol Saturday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol in the ash-Shurtah neighborhood in northern al-Fallujah, some 60km west of Baghdad, at 10am local time Saturday morning.

The al-Fallujah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported residents of ash-Shurtah as saying that a bomb that had been planted by the side of the road to the joint US-Iraqi puppet army camp in their neighborhood blew up as a patrol of about 15 vehicles passed by on a mission to surround the neighborhood and carry out raids and searches.

The explosion damaged one of the American vehicles, wounding three US troops, the residents reported.

Abu Ghurayb.

Resistance car bomb blasts puppet “National Guard” patrol early Saturday.

An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by an Iraqi puppet army patrol on the road between al-‘Amiriyah in western Baghdad and Abu Ghurayb, some 30km west of the Iraqi capital at 8am local time Saturday morning.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported a member of the Iraqi puppet “Rapid Deployment Force” as saying that the Iraqi Resistance used remote control to detonate an explosives-laden car that had been parked by the side of the road as an Iraqi puppet “National Guard” patrol was driving past.

The explosion destroyed one vehicle and damaged a second. Four Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed and five more of them were wounded. One civilian who happened to be near by was also killed and two more wounded in the attack, the source said.

US occupation forces backed up by Iraqi puppet troops closed the road to the area and prevented anyone from approaching he scene after the attack.


Resistance bombards US headquarters in at-Taji midday Saturday.

Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded a US headquarters in the northern Baghdad suburb of at-Taji at about 12 noon local time Saturday.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported at-Taji residents as saying that the three mortar shells blasted into the American compound sending up pillars of smoke.

No information on the nature or extent of US casualties was available.

American troops launch mass arrest campaign in ‘Arab Jabbur south of Baghdad Saturday.

US occupation forces with air support from helicopter gun ships and backup from Iraqi puppet army forces surrounded the ‘Arab Jabbur area south of the southern Baghdad suburb of ad-Durah early Saturday.

The local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported residents of ‘Arab Jabbur as saying that US troops closed all the main roads and paths leading to the area and then carried out an airborne landing in the middle of the area, imposing a curfew.

The Americans then launched a campaign of raids and arrests of civilian residents of the area on charges of carrying out raids against US and Iraqi puppet army forces.

Quds Press reported that the American assault on the town began just after midnight. About 100 US military vehicles were seen encircling ‘Arab Jabbur, one of the largest agricultural areas in the Baghdad area.

Witnesses told Quds Press by telephone that Iraqi puppet “Interior Ministry Saqr Brigade” troops were accompanying the Americans as they sweep through the area. They announce on loud speakers that a curfew is in force and then proceed to raid numerous houses in the rural area.

Quds Press reported that the American sweep in the area followed armed Resistance attacks launched from ‘Arab Jabbur on US and Iraqi puppet forces.

Salah ad-Din Province


US soldier reported killed in bombing south of Bayji Saturday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a passing US patrol on the road between Bayji and Tikrit north of Baghdad at 8:30am local time Saturday morning.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported residents of Bayji who witnessed the blast as saying that a bomb that had been hidden by the side of the road to Tikrit blew up as a patrol of five American Humvees drove past.

The explosion disabled one Humvee, killing one American soldier and wounding four more US troops.


Three US troops reported killed in bombing east of ad-Dujayl Saturday morning.

In a dispatch posted at 11:15am Mecca time Saturday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb had exploded by a US armored column on a farm road east of ad-Dujayl, north of Baghdad.

The Mafakrat al-Islam correspondent reported residents of ad-Dujayl who witnessed the attack as saying that a bomb that had been planted in the middle of an unpaved farm road blew up under a column of five American armored vehicles and three Humvees.

The explosion completely destroyed one armored vehicle, killing three US troops and wounding a fourth.


Resistance bomb targets US patrol on Balad Saturday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol on the main street in the middle of Balad, north of Baghdad at about 8am local time Saturday morning.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported Balad residents who witnessed the bombing as saying that an explosive device that had been planted by the side of the road to the market in the city blew up as a patrol of four US Humvees drove past. The explosion damaged one of the vehicles and wounded one US soldier.


Resistance fighters kill four US troops seize their weapons in daring ambush Friday.

Quds Press reported Saturday that in a qualitative operation, Iraqi Resistance forces in Samarra’ had attacked a US tank and killed four American troops and confiscated the weapons they had stored in their tank on Friday, 28 October.

Witnesses told Quds Press that a detachment of Resistance fighters attacked the American tank as it was parked by the side of a highway south of the city on guard duty. The Resistance fighters sneaked up to the side of the tank, killed a US soldier aboard it with a pistol equipped with a silencer, and then they killed the three Americans who were inside the tank.

The witnesses added that the Resistance fighters seized the weapons and ammunition that the Americans had inside their tank and then set the vehicle ablaze with the bodies of the dead inside. The witnesses related that other American troops rushed to the scene and hauled away the wreckage of the tank.

Quds Press reported that Samarra’ and the surrounding area is the scene of dozens of armed Resistance attacks on US forces every day, most of which are not acknowledged by the American occupation authorities.

Babil Province.


Bomb blasts Iraqi puppet “National Guards” Saturday morning.

In a dispatch posted at 10:55am Mecca time Saturday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb had exploded by a join US-Iraqi puppet “National Guard” column on the highway from al-Mahmudiyah to al-Yusfiyah, south of Baghdad.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the Iraqi puppet police as saying that the bomb, that had been planted by the side of the road severely damaged one Iraqi puppet army troop transport, killing one Iraqi puppet army soldier and wounding a second.

Diyala Province.

Regime forces carrying out mass sectarian raids, arrests in al-Mada’in.

Iraqi puppet army forces and puppet “Interior Ministry al-Husayn Brigade” troops carried out a campaign of raids and arrests in various parts of the city of al-Mada’in southeast of Baghdad Saturday morning.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported residents of al-Mada’in as saying that the forces of the US-installed Iraqi regime surrounded the city, closed the main roads in al-Mada’in and then swept through, arresting about 120 members of the Dulaym and al-Janabiyin tribes, all of them Sunnis.

In his dispatch posted at 2:45pm Mecca time Saturday afternoon, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the raids and arrests were still underway and that a source in the puppet regime forces said that the sectarian campaign was to continue for two more days.

US forces carry out mass raids and arrests in al-Bazayiz.

Quds Press reported that large US and Iraqi puppet regime forces sealed off the al-Bazayiz area in Diyala Province, east of Baghdad where on Thursday clashes took place between armed men and Iraqi puppet military forces backed up by the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi‘i cleric Muqtada as-Sadr.

Residents of the area told Quds Press that a large American force with helicopter gunship air cover carried out mass arrests in the are on Friday arresting numerous local residents including Shaykh Ziyad Muhammad, the chief of the al-Bu Majma‘ tribe, along with a number of his children.

Jaysh Ansar as-Sunnah Resistance group issues statement on battle with Muqtada as-Sadr’s Jaysh al-Mahdi militia together with Iraqi regime puppet troops on Thursday.

The Jaysh Ansar as-Sunnah resistance organization announced that it was the party involved in the fighting that took place on Thursday, 27 October in which its forces battled the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia of Shi‘i cleric Muqtada as-Sadr, which was fighting together with Iraqi puppet military forces.

In a declaration that was posted on the internet (the authenticity of which could not be verified) the Ansar as-Sunnah organization stated that as men of the area were headed to the dawn prayer that day, forces wearing the uniforms of the Iraqi puppet “National Guard” and Iraqi puppet police attacked “people whom Islam regards as innocent” and surrounded them with more than 50 white non-military pickups. A stringent blockade was imposed on the people, the statement went on to say, taking advantage of the fact that many of the men were in the mosque saying the morning prayers at the time that the force arrived in the town. “The force then began to advance an attack houses and arrest occupants,” the Ansar as-Sunnah statement said.

A violent confrontation then developed in the area in which local villagers and residents of nearby villages joined forces against the raiders. “The fighting lasted until about 8:30am Thursday morning, at the end of which the attackers fled, having lost about five of them killed and 17 wounded,” the Ansar statement said.

Quds Press noted that the US-installed Iraqi “Interior Ministry” had claimed that members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi‘i cleric Muqtada as-Sadr, had fought a battle against “Sunni armed men” on Thursday The “Ministry” said that about 25 armed men were killed, most of them members of Muqtada as-Sadr’s militia, in the course of the fighting. The “Ministry” reported that the Jaysh al-Mahdi forces were trying to free one of their members who had been captured by the “Sunni armed group,” and therefore called in the help of Iraqi puppet regime troops.

The statement issued by the Jaysh Ansar as-Sunnah made no mention of an abduction.

Leader of Muqtada as-Sadr Movement in Diyala Province affirms unity with Iraqi Resistance, says Thursday fighting carried out by “irresponsible elements.”

Shaykh ‘Ali al-Musawi, a leader in the movement of Shi‘i cleric Muqtada as-Sadr in Diyala Province, delivered statements on recent developments and specifically the clashes that took place in that province Thursday between Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen and Iraqi Resistance fighters. Thirty members of Muqtada as-Sadr’s Jaysh al-Mahdi militia were killed in those battles. Al-Musawi stressed that his movement and the Resistance are committed to the eviction of the US occupation and the unity of Iraq and the Iraqi people.

Shaykh al-Musawi told Mafkarat al-Islam that the actions of some followers and supporters of the Jaysh al-Mahdi were “irresponsible” and led to the deaths of 30 Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen.

Shaykh al-Musawi said that Muqtada as-Sadr had ordered a committee be formed to investigate the incident. He noted that previously Resistance forces had never attacked any members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi and that the Resistance exacts revenge on collaborators regardless of whether they are Shi‘i or Sunni. “We have seen many people killed [by the Resistance] who were Sunnis but who were working for the occupation as translators, contractors or employees,” al-Musawi noted.

We affirm that what a number of members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi or its patrons did should not be counted against the Muqtada as-Sadr movement as a whole,” al-Musawi emphasized, adding that the as-Sadr movement “is united with the Resistance on one goal and that is the definite requirement that the American occupation must depart Iraq and that the unity of Iraq – the land and the people – must be safeguarded.”

Al-Musawi blamed the Iraqi puppet police and puppet army for the results of the incident, saying that they “poured oil on the flames,” indicating that they deliberately strove to create greater tension.

Ninwa Province.

Resistance bombards US al-Ghazlani base early Saturday.

Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the main US al-Ghazlani base in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul with medium-range rockets at 6:30am local time Saturday morning.

The Mosul correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that the base was struck by two rockets that produced two violent explosions inside the compound.

At-Ta’mim Province.

One US soldier reported killed in morning bombing south of Kirkuk.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol on the highway south of Kirkuk at 9am local time Saturday morning.

Mafkarat al-Islam reported Captain Sa‘d al-Bayati of the Kirkuk puppet police as saying that one American soldier was killed and two others wounded in the attack.

Afterwards, US forces surrounded the area where the attack took place as Iraqi puppet troops surrounded a nearby village in preparation for searches.


Friday, October 28, 2005
This is the second call from the Emergency Committee For Iraq asking the UN Secretary General Mr. Annan to investigate the assassination crime of Saddam's lawyer:



October 23, 2005

The Honorable Kofi Annan
Secretary General of the United Nations

Re: Urgent Request for the Immediate Investigation
by the United Nations of the Kidnapping and Murder
of Sadoum al-Janabi

Dear Mr. Secretary-General,
A United Nations investigation of the kidnapping and murder in Baghdad on October 20, 2005 of Sadoun al-Janabi, defense attorney for Awad Hamed al-Bander, the day after the televised exposure of defense attorneys for eight leaders of the former government of Iraq, including President Saddam Hussein, is an urgent necessity.

Investigations by the interim government of Iraq and the United States will have no credibility. Leaders of both governments have repeatedly expressed hostility toward the accused persons and both governments have resorted to criminal violence against supporters of the former government of Iraq.

The New York Times reported Saturday, October 22, 2005 in a first page story:

"Eyewitnesses quoted on Friday on the television station Al Arabiya said that Mr. Janabi’s abductors, dressed in suits and ties, identified themselves as officials of the Interior Ministry, which has faced accusations in recent months that it has harbored Shiite death squads that hunt down members of the Sunni Arab community with links to Mr. Hussein’s years in power.” N.Y. Times, October 22, 2005, at p. 10.

Mr. Janabi, a Sunni, was reported to be a personal friend of President Hussein. He spoke out repeatedly during the hearing on October 19, once accusing the prosecutor of making a “political speech.”

President Bush failed to answer a letter from our committee dated June 15, 2005 in which we addressed the necessity of “...immediate, full and secure access to President Saddam Hussein for defense counsel and their assistants and investigators” and security measures to enable them “to perform their work safely” without interference in preparing/and presenting the defense case.

Previously President Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld and the Commanding Generals of U.S. Forces in Iraq had consistently rejected all requests to consult with prisoners, including former Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz beginning in May 2003, and later with President Saddam Hussein beginning in December 2004, keeping Saddam Hussein in complete isolation for more than a year with only one limited contact thereafter with individuals who were chosen or approved by the U.S.

As the first day of proceedings began, President Bush announced that he is “confident” that President Saddam Hussein will get a fair trial. See London Herald Sun, October 19, 2005. He earlier described Saddam Hussein as “the guy who tried to kill my dad.”

The truth about the kidnapping and murder of Mr. Janabi is critically important to the future of Iraq, peace in the Middle East and beyond and “to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.”

The failure of the U.S. and Iraq to provide protection to the defense and access to the defendants requires the transfer of any trials to a legal international forum if there is to be fairness in appearance and fact.

Respectfully submitted,
Ahmed Ben Bella, former President of Algeria
Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia
Roland Dumas, former Foreign Minister of France
Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States

The Emergency Committee for Iraq has issued an international call to investigate the assassination crime of Mr. Saadoun A. Al-Janabi, who was assassinated in Baghdad the after his appearance in the American Court defending Saddam Hussein collegue -al-Saadoun-, and here is statement:

28 October 2005

Emergency Committee for Iraq


Ahmed Ben Bella, former President of Algeria

Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia
Roland Dumas,former Foreign Minister of France
Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States

International Call for United Nations Investigation of Killing of

Defense Lawyer in Trial of Saddam Hussein

Based on news reports suggesting that the men who murdered lawyer Sadoon al-Janabi may have been officials of the United States-supported Interim Iraqi government, calls have been made for a United Nations-led independent investigation of the killing.

On 21 October 2005, eyewitnesses told Al Arabiya TV that “Mr. Janabi’s abductors, dressed in suits and ties, identified themselves as officials of the Interior Ministry.” This Ministry of the Iraqi government is reported by the New York Times, to have faced repeated accusations in recent months that it has harbored Shiite death squads that hunt down members of the Sunni Arab community with links to Mr. Hussein’s years in power.

On 24 October 2005, the Iraqi Lawyers Union made a call for an independent UN investigation in public statements which also called for a boycott of the proceedings until an investigation determines responsibility for the killing. And in a letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, dated 24 October 2005, several senior statesmen supported this call stating that “[i]nvestigations by the interim government of Iraq and the United States will have no credibility.” The letter was by signed by Mr. Ahmed Ben Bella, former President of Algeria, Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Roland Dumas, former Foreign Minister of France, and Mr. Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States.

For further information contact: Ms Sarah Sloan at +1-202-904-7949.


Ahmed Ben Bella: Tel: +41-79-467-2255 Roland Dumas, Tel: +33-1-43-543663

Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhamad: Tel: Ramsey Clark: Tel: +1-212-989-6613

Thursday, October 20, 2005


October 17, 2005


Dignified Iraqis!
Sons and daughters of the glorious Arab nation!
Comrades Ba’athists and Resisters Mujahidins!

The most beloved Comrade the glorious leader Saddam Hussein, on the nineteenth of this month will take the stand of truth, liberty and defiance. He will stand as a militant leader, a Jihadi Resister, an Iraqi patriot, an Arab nationalist and, a progressive human being. He will represent all dignified Iraqis, freedom loving Arabs, and honorable human beings, to arraign and condemn, to try and expose the US imperialism and its Zionist, racist and official Arab defeated regimes, due to their evil plotting and their traitorous collaboration, their unfair occupation and their heinous destruction of Iraq and its state, its society and its institutions. This trial day is, but another day of the audacious and ongoing Ba’athist confrontation day, led by Comrade Saddam Hussein.

The US Occupation collapsing state of affairs in resisting Iraq, forces the only global superpower because its failed occupation, to undertake desperate actions and failed attempts to confront the Armed Iraqi resistance, which has foiled and is foiling the implementation of the Global US Imperialist project in its renewable ideology. When it was proved, as the Ba’ath predicted, that every military or security success made by the US occupation in Iraq is nothing but short living and ephemeral and doesn't constitute any accumulative success points for the occupier strategy, and this is due to the Armed Iraqi Resistance and its surpassing strategic vision, as planned designed, conceived, launched to continue and to grow in strength and challenge, by the comrade leader the Glorious Saddam Hussein.
The Occupation decision to set on the nineteenth of this current October, the first session of the "trial" of the detained leader, the President of the Republic of Iraq and the general Commander of the Armed Forces, must be considered also as a part of this failing Occupation agenda, imposed by a growing pressures and negative factors on the Bush administration and the critical position of the US President, its puppet and frightened authority which have no role to play whatsoever, in resistant -occupied Iraq.

Great Iraqi People!
O ye Comrades of Saddam Hussein, Ba’ath militants, and Resisting Mujahidins!

O ye masses of the leader Saddam Hussein in the Nation provinces!

The illegitimate "trial" opens an outstanding Jihadi phase for the Iraqi armed Resistance. This is not an isolated action in the ongoing and current battle on the soil of Iraq, between the Ba’ath and the Resistance from one side and the occupation and its stooges from the other. This "trial" which, Comrade Saddam Hussein, will change into an Iraqi, an Arab and a battle in the name of all human beings... will inspire the heroic resistance and will strengthen even more the will of the valiant Mujahidins and harden the positions of militant Ba’athists and reinforce the hope of liberation in the souls of dignified Iraqis, root the spirit of unity and resistance in the souls of Palestinians and Arabs and enrich freedom and independence loving human beings. This trial will be a stain of dishonor, in its legal settings for it is totally illegal. It has been planned to justify the despicable occupation based on hollow pretexts and it is executed by heinous racists, stooges with historical collaboration background, and traitor puppet Arab regimes. The trial is designed on behalf of Zionism, Racism, sectarianism, separatism, backward religious circles and international free masonry lobbies. It is a trial of the Arab and the human history of Iraq. It is a trial of the national unity and sovereignty. It is a trial of the nationalization of the Iraq oil riches. It is a trial of the patriotic scientific and industrial basis. It is a trial of the Iraqi Armed forces for their well known patriotic, and national stands and their historical military victories and achievements. And it is a trial of the positive neutral position and the political independence. It is a trial arranged by occupiers and stooges. It is the trial of the Armed Iraqi Resistance and its legitimate Jihad for liberation.

Militant Ba’athists and Mujahidins!
O ye valiant Iraqi Armed forces in the Jihad and in Resistance battalions!

O ye heroic Saddam Fedayeens!

Comrade Saddam Hussein the President of the Republic and the Commander in chief of the Armed forces will endure this battle phase as you knew, witnessed, and experienced him always. And you too, you heroes, you will endure this battle in your combat positions, and through your active formations, and under the Jihad leadership and its well known names, according to the non negotiable armed resistance choice until the utter liberation of all historic Iraq. Indeed when the most beloved leader will appear publicly during the trial, he will be in amongst you in his free conscience and his immense heart, his very refined and alert senses as he always does. Yes, he will combat and defy the occupation and the filthy traitors of Iraq because you know how resolute he is, and he does know your steadfastness! You know his defying and he knows yours! You know his Jihad and he does know yours, and this exactly what frightens the occupation and renders it even more stuck in its desperation, and this exactly what will destroy the occupation and exhaust even faster its traitor puppet authority.

Hail the leader when he will publicly appear through killer bullets and death projectiles gushing to attain their legitimate targets and to hit the occupation soldiers, its equipment's, its vehicles and its bases; and which will hit also the puppet authority mercenary army, its symbols, and its filthy traitors individuals. Yes! Salute the leader through proclaiming him and the Ba’ath, the Army, the Resistance, Iraq, Palestine, and the Arab nation. Remember the Martyrs and glorify martyrdom! Remember and be sure that millions of Arabs will proclaim at the same time with you and like you, the leader, Iraq, the Resistance, the Ba’ath, Palestine, and the Arab nation.

You Iraqis and you Arabs!
There will be not a single political or security achievement for the occupation ant its puppet authority, in the setting of this trial. They will attain none of their objective of compromise with the Resistance, the Ba’ath combatants, and the Jihad of the Iraqis, exchanging whatsoever with the most beloved leader Saddam Hussein. Yes, indeed! Saddam Hussein did make them understand since he led the historic ongoing and open confrontation in its different phases, that there is no compromise upon the principles, there is no agreements and no negotiations with the occupation and the aggression, there will be no giving up of the Nation rights in Palestine, there will be no dealing or an agreement with the filthy traitors. There will be no negotiation upon the sovereignty, the Unity and the Arab identity of Iraq.

Political Information and Publication Bureau
Of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party (Iraq’s Province)

Iraq October 17, 2005

The original article:
Translation : Abu Assur / IRAQ COMMITTEES’s Press Office
All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.

To read the Original Arabic transcript: IRAQ4EVER

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This interview is accomplished by Mr. Stefano Chiarini of the Manifesto Italian news paper, with Mr. Salah Al-Mukhtar, a well known journalist and activist who is writing against the American occupation to his country Iraq. I have decided to re-publish this article, so you may read it, if you missed reading it before. And if you are interested in the Arabic translation of it, use this link to read the interview in Arabic:

The Questions and answers

1- What is your position about the occupation, the resistance and the so called "political process" and the constitution?

A- The occupation of Iraq, by American colonialism, is a crime against humanity, as well as violation of the international law,and the charter of the united nations. The occupation has Fundamental objectives, the first objective is to destroy it the independence and territorial integrity of Iraq, by destroying the national shield of Iraq, which is Baath party, then the second objective is transforming Iraq into a colony, fully controlled by the United States, to be used to export the so called (American Empire), through the so called (American democracy). The third objective is the exploitation of the Iraqi oil for the purpose of solving the internal 0il crisis of the united states, and to use the oil as a blackmail tool against all other nations, because oil, according to new American geopolitical plan, is a powerful tool of blackmailing all other nations specially the union of Europe, China, India, and other nations.

By controlling fully all oil fields the United States can impose whatever it wants from other governments to do, and other governments cannot resist American demands, without sacrificing their homeland economy and social stability. Therefore Iraq is essential part of that plan, to guarantee the full success of that a plan, America has to colonize Iraq, specially Iraq has the biggest oil reserve in the world, not Saudi Arabia. Besides that the cost of the Iraqi oil is the cheapest in the world, while barrel cost in Saudi Arabia more than two dollars, and it costs in other countries between sixteen to 30 dollars, in Iraq it doesn’t cost more than half a dollar per barrel! So To impose full control on the world, without engaging in military wars, the United States can use the oil as a political weapon. The final objective of the American colonial occupation of Iraq is to remove from the map, the major regional power in the Middle East, which is Iraq. In the light of these objectives I consider the occupation of Iraq by the United States of America as a revival of the traditional colonialism, but with more cruelty, more destructive means.

The armed resistance in Iraq to the American occupation is a normal and needed reaction to the American crimes against Iraqis and the homeland of the Iraqis. No normal human beings accept occupation, and insulting dignity of the nation, as well as the looting of the wealth of Iraq. Therefore resisting American colonialism is a legitimate reaction, according to the all nodes and humanitarian notions, as well as according to international law and the United Nations charter. All Iraqis fighting now against occupation, whether by guns or by political activities.

The so called (political process) is a mere tactic to attract some dignitaries and political small groups, to join the camp of those cooperating with the occupation authority. As everyone know that occupation is illegal, and whatever it is doing is also illegal. Therefore any participation in the so called political process is a direct support to the occupation; occupation should be isolated and attacked by all means, to guarantee its defeat. Giving hand To the American representatives in Iraq has one translation: providing the occupation with the opportunity to reduce the attacks on its troops, as well as accepting the notion of occupation legitimacy.

You are asking me about the draft constitution prepared by American occupation, I would like to remind you by the fact that the occupation, by its own definition, is illegal, and according to Geneva convention the occupation authority has no right, whatsoever, to change the constitution, the laws, the economic order, and so on in the occupied country, and it has to keep everything as it was before the occupation. In the light of that legal Reality what the United States has done, in Iraq is illegal, it has no right to impose any new constitution, or law. Beside This legal fact I have to mention, that the proposed constitution is a recipe for dividing Iraq into three states, on the basis of sectarianism and racism. By Adopting Federal system in Iraq American authority wants to establish Kurdish state in the north, Sunni state in the middle, and finally shiit state in the south of Iraq, this kind of Federal system transfer the real authority from the centre, which is the capital Baghdad, to the suburbs of Iraq! What is the result of that kind of change will be? Practically speaking, the most dangerous consequences will be the removal of a regional power from the map of the Arab homeland, and the so called Middle East. To translate this kind of change, we have to stress on the point, that American plan wants to destabilize Iraq and, instead of being one state, one nation, and central decision, America wants many tiny states to be created from the ruins of Iraq.

That’s why all Iraqis are rejecting this kind of constitution, fighting back, by guns and peaceful means to throw the constitution in the garbage basket. The resistance is not going to permit this kind of constitution to be adopted, or implemented. Iraq is a one simple, unified country, with a majority of Arab nationality; Arab nationality constitution’s 85% of the population of Iraq, Kurd minority is not more than 5% of Iraq population. To change the identity of Iraq as an Arabic country, the United States is working hard, with the full support of Iran, to divide the Arab majority into Sunni and shiit sects, and then speaking not about Arab and Kurds but on Kurds, shiit and Sunni! Arab nation in Iraq is neglected and ignored. More importantly about 4 million Iranians and Turkish Kurds were brought to Iraq, illegally, and most of them were granted Iraqi nationality, after destroying all official documents of the Iraqi state ministries, by trained mercenaries prepared by the CIA, to pave the way for giving Iraqi nationality to millions of none Iraqis.

2- Abroad the media give us the idea of a resistance made only by the zarqawi men. What is your assessment of the strength of the secular, pan Arab, patriotic resistance?

A-From the beginning the United States government, has fallen in the trap of Iraq, by believing that the occupation will be considered, as a( liberation), on that assumption the American government has spoken enthusiastically, about the easy control of Iraq. But when the armed resistance has restarted immediately after a occupying Baghdad, capital of Iraq, the United States has started to understand, that Baath party, in general, and the president of Iraq Mr. Saddam Hussein, in particular, have organized a highly sophisticated national armed resistance. If you look To

the map of Iraq, after two and half year of the occupation you will notice that the armed resistance is fully controlling most of Iraq’s cities, from north, the Kurdish region, down to the middle and south of Iraq. Resistance is well prepared, well trained, well organized at least two years before the occupation. To give you good and objective accounts, I have to tell you that the daily operations of the resistance has exceeded the number 300 operation in everyday, without mentioning the individual attacks made by individual spontaneous decision.

The question is what we expect from American colonialism to say about Iraq, after it has said that the war has ended by American victory? American Hollywood mentality has invented Zarqawi coverage, to justify the mass and popular resistance, made by Arabs, Kurds, Turkmans, Christians, Muslims, shiit and Sunni Iraqis! To stick to a original claim of ending the war by great American victory, bush administration has invented, and fabricated, the story of Zarkawi, because it is in desperate need to approve that the resistance in Iraq, is not made by Iraqis, but by some foreign persons. Also Bush administration has to claim that the fighting against the so called( terrorism) oblige America to claim that, those who are attacking American troops in Iraq, are not Iraqis but terrorists from other countries.

The whole Iraqis fully aware that the armed resistance is Iraqi resistance, prepared by Iraqis, organized by Iraqis, financed by Iraqis, performed by Iraqis, directed by Iraqis. This fact was supported by American officials and general’s, in Iraq, when they said repeatedly, that the number of foreigners fighting in Iraq is not more than 10% of the Iraqi resistance whole number. It is well known that the armed revolution in Iraq against American colonialism is motivating all freedom lovers, all over the world, as it was the case of armed revolutions in other countries, such as Palestine, Spain, Vietnam, Cuba, in which many volunteers went to these countries to participate in the fighting against colonial invasion or against reactionary forces.

Yes there are some hundreds of Arabs fighting in Iraq, against American occupation, those volunteers are defending Iraq as well as Arab homeland, because all Arabs, from north Africa to the Arabic gulf, are belonging to one nation, therefore they have the duty of joining their brothers Arabs of Iraq to kick out American colonialism. The main body inside the resistance is Bathist, because Baath party, as I said, has prepared for this kind of guerrilla warfare for years, militarily and psychologically. Also you have to remember that Baath party is the biggest and oldest political national organization in Iraq, it has the support of 6 million Iraqi Nasir, which mean supporter, beside the training of between seven and seven and half million Iraqis, women and men. In the light of these facts I can assure you that, the armed resistance is a national resistance not limited to one party, but it is represents all Iraqis, all ethnic and sects in Iraq. Also you have to know that, there is central leadership of the resistance, and it has one commander.

3- What you think is the political proposal of the resistance and how you think can be avoided a sort of social division between Sunni, shia, curds etc?

A- The declared strategy of the armed resistance has indicated that the government after the liberation of Iraq will be coalition government, representing all organizations participating now in the armed resistance, and the political order, in liberated Iraq, will be based on democracy. After two years of liberating Iraq, a free democratic election will be held, to determine who will run the government in Iraq. The so called division among Sunni and shiit, is an illusion, and wishful thinking, of the occupiers, because Iraqi people is united, and understand the American-Iranian-Israeli game of working on the normal combination of the Iraqi society, and these forces trying to divide Iraq, on the basis of racism and sectarianism.

But Iraq, after two and half year of the occupation, characterize by tens of plans, implemented by these parties to divide Iraq, but in vain, Iraq society is created before at least 8000 year, with all fundamental reactions taken place in that period of time, to create one nation, one mentality, one fate, one psychology and sometime one origin. For example you can find in one family shiit, Sunni and Kurd, so the question is how the American can ignite civil war among such kind of people, connected by very strong social fabric? Because of that historical fact Iraq has passed over all kind of challenges, invasions, as well as internal upheaval. Our society by the nature is a secular society, all Iraqis are equal in front of the law, and the cornerstone of the practices of the governments is the equality of the citizenship.

4- What happened to the Baath party and the other pan Arab and nationalist parties?

A- As I said Baath party is the leader of the resistance now, and it has become stronger than before, thousands of Iraqis, have joined the party after the occupation. As for other nationalist parties, unfortunately most of these parties have almost disappeared, if you look to the Iraqi arena you will not see big national parties, except Baath party. As for the communist party of Iraq that has become part of groups serving the occupation officially and practically. For that reason the Iraqis do not consider any more the communist party as a national party, they look to it as a puppet in the hand of American colonialism.

5- Did they make any self criticism about the past?

A- Criticizing the past is not a practical for the time being, because the major power of the Iraqi resistance is engaged in daily fighting, and it has no time to evaluate the past, which could be done after the liberation of Iraq, specially the national front should be established, to govern Iraq after the liberation, and that requirement oblige all Iraqi parties and groups, to make new evaluation and conduct sincere criticism to the past.

6-What do you think about the presence of the Italian troops in Iraq and about the peace movement in our country?

A-The participation of Italy in the war against Iraqi people, is unfortunate, because Iraq in particular, and Arabs, in general, are feeling painful for the damage, serious damage, inflicted in the ties with the Italy. Italian troops participating in the mass killing of Iraqis, in the destruction of Iraq, and in the looting of Iraq, even if no Italian soldier open fire on Iraqis, because your participating by troops, constitute a direct support to the invasion, and to the atrocities, and the crimes committed by American generals and soldiers against millions of Iraqis. We do not understand why the Italian government is damaging future relationship with Iraq by supporting the American aggression and crimes against all Iraqis? We believe that your government is not serving the Italian interest, but it serves American interest. The question

is: when your government will discover the painful and deep damage it has made in the relationship with Iraqis? We advise your government to have an immediate withdrawal from Iraq before it is too late.

7-What do you think about the refusal of the visas?

A- I think that the Italian government has violated the basic human rights norms, by not granting me visa to attend peaceful conference, showing solidarity with the Iraqi people. We don’t understand why your government has started to destroy the basic elements of the western propaganda about freedom of speech, human rights, defending just causes, and rejecting any kind of oppression. This rejection, of granting me visa, Is reminding me by the measurement of the government’s of the third world countries, which does not respect democracy and human rights. Could you please tell me what is the difference between the worst kind of dictatorship in the third world countries, and the decision of the government of Italy?

8-Have you already been in Italy in the past? and who did you meet in your official capacity?

A--Unfortunately I have not visited Italy before, except about twelve hour I had to spend in Rome in 1990 when I was travelling from Tunisia to Iraq, and the flight was suspended, and then I spend the night in Italy till the second day. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to visit your beautiful country.

9- Could you summarize your political? Literary and artistic life and your cultural an political position?

A-For the time being I am limiting myself to intellectual activities, such as writing and speaking to defend my country against colonial occupation of the united states of America. I have no other activities for the time being. As for my political position I am now the Chairman of the friendship, peace, and solidarity organization, which is the biggest, and the most important NGO,S in Iraq.

10-What do you think of the Palestinian question and of the Gaza withdrawal?

A-The Palestinian question is exposed now to American-Zionist plan of eradicating the legitimate rights of Palestinian people, namely the right of return, and the basic rights of liberating the Palestinian occupied land. As for Gaza withdrawal, it is an Israeli tactic to avoid exhausting Israeli human and material sources, as well as to get rid of the burden of very poor, very complicated area.

11- Do you think that the project of balkanization of Iraq will be extended to other Arab countries?

A-My answer is yes, because this is the original plan of the new conservatives of the united states of America, but the defeat of American troops in Iraq has made radical change in the American plan toward Arab countries, as well as the whole world. The quagmire of the United States in Iraq, created by the armed resistance of the Iraqis, is deterring the American administration from thinking to implement other steps, of aggression and occupation. The United States of America Is confronting a deadly challenge in Iraq, it has lost any hope of staying in Iraq, after losing the war. In the light of the huge and hidden loses by both human and material factors, it is not logical to think, even to think ,about invading another country, the first priority of the united states in Iraq , is to reach a face saving formula to withdraw from the Iraqi quagmire.

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell
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