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Friday, January 20, 2006

Resisting India Exchanges Greetings With Resisting Iraq

Sunday, 15th January 2006

Legendary Naxalite leader of the Liberation Group of legendary CPI(M-L) Brij Bihari Pandey has expressed his appreciation for the greetings sent by Salah al-Mukhtar by saying that CPI(M-L) not only fully endorses the resistance of Iraqi people against imperialist occupation of their homeland but wishes for their complete victory in near future. Salah al-Mukhtar has told that he has published an open letter to Iraqi armed resistance hailing great achievements and assuring a nearing victory on enemy. Salah said that US expenses of occupying Iraq have proved more than bearing caliber of imperialism. Brij desired that Iraqi resistance would make the burial ground of US imperialism. Salah and Brij met only once when Salah wanted to befriend the other group of CPI(M-L) as well. A delegation of CPI(M-L) was inv ited to Hotel Taj Mahal when Iraqi Vice-President Taha Yasin Ramadhan visited India but could not attend it, as they were somewhat diffident of visiting a five star hotel. But CPI(M-L) was the only party well informed of all military developments of the conflict long before it all begun including its outcome.

Besides CPI(M-L), Salah bothered for befriending K S Sudarshan and Sonia Gandhi also for strengthening Indo-Iraq ties most widely beyond a breakability point that lingered on throughout the PVNR regime. Although Sonia keeps an expedient taciturn maintained but K S Sudarshan has appropriately warned the Indian governance against ducking before US pressures for anything. Brij Bihari Pandey believes that with the complete victory of Iraqi resistance, peoples’ resistance could suitably check such tendency of Indian governance here as well. Thus the victory of Iraqi resistance is relevant to all the peoples of Asia altogether.

Faraway from growing fraternity of peoples’ resistance George W Bush is quite adamant for ending defiant tyrannies from Asia by using military might of America in the name of promoting free democracy worldwide under the pretext that radicals could get positively transformed only through the process of having to govern. Here his personal beliefs get assimilated with America’s vital interests as he prefers to put it on agenda of a new world order. Although Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party in Iraq has refused to participate through such a process but kept the option open for America to negotiate the terms of its possible exit from the hell of promoting democracy abroad. Vladimir Putin of Russia had said more appropriately that only by America’s withdrawing militarily from Iraq, ever-growing Iraqi resistance could form the reasonable government in their homeland.

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Monday, January 16, 2006


Activists call for protection of academics

BAGHDAD, 15 Jan 2006 (IRIN) - A network of human rights activists and journalists has called for the protection of local academics and higher level educational institutions.
The appeal, launched this month by the Brussells Tribunal, a worldwide network devoted to campaigning against the US occupation of Iraq, notes the “systematic liquidation of the country's academics.”

According to conservative estimates, over 250 educators have been assassinated while hundreds more have disappeared, the network’s website states.
Thousands of other academics have reportedly fled the country, in the belief that they are being targeted because they are well educated.
Brussel’s Tribunal further notes that the disappearance of trained educators has led not only to “a major brain-drain,” but also to the decimation of the secular middle class.

"Anyone who has the ability to imagine a secular future for the country is forced to flee," said Hana al-Bayaty, a member of the network's executive committee.
The assassinations have targeted women and men countrywide, with little reference to political or religious affiliations.
“The most striking fact is that the majority of those killed where not scientists… but were involved in the field of humanities,” the anti-war organisation notes, adding that, “the motives for these assassinations are unknown.”

In April 2005, the United Nations University published a report noting that 84 percent of Iraq's higher education institutions had been burnt, looted or destroyed since the start of the US-led invasion in 2003.
It went on to point out that four dozen academics had been assassinated, while many more faced daily threats.
In addition to the destruction of vital infrastructure, only 40 percent of which is under reconstruction, other problems facing Iraqi higher learning included an isolated and under-qualified teaching staff; poorly equipped libraries and laboratories; and a fast-growing student population, said the UN report.

A third of the nation’s teachers held only bachelors’ degrees, despite official requirements of at least a Master’s degree, it added.
“The devastation of the Iraqi system of higher education has been overlooked amid other cataclysmic results of the war, but it represents an important consequence of the conflict, economic sanctions and ongoing turmoil in Iraq," noted Jairam Reddy, the study’s author and director of the Jordan-based International Leadership Institute.
"Repairing Iraq's system of higher education is in many ways a prerequisite to the long-term repair of the country as a whole," Reddy added.

Iraq's educational system was formerly recognised as being one of the best in the region.
In the meantime, the campaign is calling for an international investigation into the killings and urging academic institutions in other countries to forge links with Iraqi educators, both in exile and at home.
As “an occupying power, and under international humanitarian law, final responsibility for protecting Iraqi citizens, including academics, lies with the United States,” the Brussel’s Tribunal concluded.

Al-Bayaty said the impact of the lack of protection for academics could be felt for two to three decades: "It's a developing country so they need the brains that can contribute to the development of their society," she said.

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Monday, January 09, 2006
The Occupation Rapes a Small Girl and the Iraqi and Arabic News Channels Refuse to Report the Story

Translation: Dijla Waheed

Source: Albasrah Net

Islamic Memo, January 8, 2006: Medical sources in Hilla city, South of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, have stated that soldiers of the American Occupation Army have today, Sunday, committed a new crime; they have raped a 9 year old girl after they had forcefully snatched her outside of the gate of her school during the time when the students were exiting the school building at the end of the school day.

The Islamic memo correspondent passed on what a doctor at the Hilla General Hospital had to say (who asked not to reveal his identity); that the girl was found unconscious four hours after her abduction with bloodstains on her face and legs.

The Islamic memo correspondent has also reported that, according to an eyewitness (who asked him not to reveal her parents name), the student Amina was standing at the gate of her school (Um Albanin School) waiting for her parents to pick her up at the end of the school day whilst an occupation soldier patrol was patrolling the area near the school, wherein one of the soldiers kidnapped her in front of watching people. He put her in a military vehicle which was among an American Occupation Army Convoy.

The Islamic memo correspondent has corroborated from equivalent sources that the student Amina was found unconscious at a stone quarry near Hilla city and near one of the occupation military bases.

The correspondent has pointed out that the doctor, with whom he has spoken, has informed a number of journalists who work for Iraqi and Arabic news channels about the story but they did not care at all. According to the correspondent’s description, he thinks that it might put them in trouble with the occupation power and the Iraqi government appointed by them.
The Islamic memo apologizes for not publishing the child’s picture for moral and tribal reasons; especially her parents have objected to the correspondent taking her picture and asked him not to publish it.

The Iraqi Childcare Organization has observed more than 71 cases of rape committed by occupation soldiers against Iraqi children who were less than ten years old during the last year, 2005.
Sunday, January 08, 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report>

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Baath Party statement
On the Occasion of the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Army: the Army of Iraq is the Army of the liberation of Iraq

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party
One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission
Unity, Freedom, Socialism

On the Occasion of the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Army:
The Army of Iraq is the Army of the liberation of Iraq

Ye dignified, courageous members of the Heroic Army of Iraq!
Ye intrepid lions of the National Security Forces!
Ye Fidayyins of the People! Ye Fidayyins of Saddam!
Ye inventors and creators in the military industries!
Ye Resisting Baath militants!
Ye Mujahidins of the Iraqi triumphant Resistance!

This is the day of the glorious Army, the 6th of January... This is the day of Resisting Iraq, the unified Iraq! This is the day of the honorable and dignified Iraqis... This day has been and will for ever stay for Iraq as it always has been for Palestine and the Arab Nation... as wanted by the Baath to be always and for ever the greatest day of the Iraqis, in their past, present and in the future.

Every honorable courageous member of the Armed Forces, in every grade and every corps, is a banner of dignity, honor, pride, freedom and unity of Iraq… This banner will remain as are the men of the Armed Forces; they will remain hard to swallow for the Occupation and its stooges... The Army will confront them in the battle arenas and it will combat them in the Battle of the liberation of Iraq and the eradication of the puppet authority… No one whatsoever will be able to disband the Iraqi Army or to set it aside… None can replace it whatever the Occupation and its stooges attempt… and whatever "Israel" wishes for and whatever plot the regimes of submission and servility.

All Iraqi Armed Resistance is born and sprouted from the Heroic Army of Iraq, from its different corps, titles, organizations, branches, and formations, bearing its experiences and know-how, in its battles and heroic combats in Palestine, on the Golan heights, in the Sinai, Qaddissya, in the Mother of All Battles and in the first phase of the Decisive Battle.

Heroes, Resistors!
Comrades, Militants, Mujahidins!
O Great people of Iraq!

The Decisive Battle through its open ended confrontation and through its Jihadi Resistance phase is lived by the Army and the people of Iraq as a unique experience which will be pointed out by the whole wide world!

This is how the Baath Leadership and the Armed forces Leadership designed and set their plan. How to start, to spread and continue the ongoing confrontation phase until the utter defeat of the Occupation and the liberation of Iraq as a strategic target in the Resisting Baath Program.. This phase is glowing with light through the able and Resisting Iraqi deed, where the occupation was deprived from its technological, fire ability, logistical, and economical supremacy and boomeranged against the enemy himself. And here is the Army of Iraq, the Army of the Homeland, of the People, of Palestine and the Army of the Nation… No one! Whatever he is! Absolutely no one can disband, set aside or change its battle doctrine…

Political Information and Publication Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
Iraq on the 5th of January 2006

*Translated by Abu Assur

To read the statement in Arabic
Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Right to Sacrifice the Other:

The American Genocides

By Munir Akash, Beirut: Riad El-Rayyes Books, June 2002.

A Book Review

"Utilizing his expertise in Native American affairs, Akash wrote a profoundly shocking book. He did an excellent job in documenting the European genocides and other crimes against Native Americans from the time of the so-called "discovery" of so-called the New World in the late 15th century to the present. In this largest and longest holocaust in the history of the world, Akash estimated that 112 million Native Americans perished over the last 510 years both in North and South Americas. The invading Europeans destroyed over 400 North American Native Nations, such as the Iroquois, the Apache, the Navajo, the Cheyenne, the Cherokee, the Spokane, the Mohawk, and the Sioux..........

Of the 112 million murdered Native Americans in the New World, Akash estimated that 18.5 million have been wiped out in what is known today as the United States. He detailed how these horrific genocides and other crimes in the US have been committed by the "super race" WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) at all governmental levels throughout US history as well as by common settlers who brutally settle-colonized North America.........

From the very beginning of their colonization in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the WASPs have acted like real wasps with potent venom. They have savagely stung Native Americans by various methods of genocides from outright slaughter; to intentional infection by deadly diseases such as small pox, cholera, and plague; to forced brutal deportations known as Indian Removal; to confinements in horrible conditions in concentration camps and reservations; to intentional sterilization of Native American women without their own knowledge

Ironically, some American Christian churches, which supposedly believed in "Thou shall not kill" and "Thou shall not steal", openly condoned and supported at all levels these barbaric acts and slaughters of Native Americans as well as the thefts of their lands, resources, and properties.

In fact, as God's warriors and devout faithfuls, the WASPs and the ancient Hebrews as well as the modern Zionists have used the Old Testament for their own purposes to justify their extermination of the native peoples and the theft of their lands and resources. For example, in Joshua 6:21 we read: "And they utterly destroyed all that [was] in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword." And in Joshua 24:13 we read: "And I have given you a land for which ye did not labour, and cities which ye built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and olive yards which ye planted not do ye eat."

Next, Akash articulated his analogy further by drawing a perfect parallel between the WASPs and the Hebrews/Zionists. As the ancient Hebrews fled the brutality of the Pharaoh in Egypt, so did the WASPs from their king in England. As the ancient Hebrews crossed the Red Sea in a dangerous sea voyage, so did the WASPs across the dangerous Atlantic Ocean. As the ancient Hebrews got lost in their voyage to the "promised land", so did the WASPs on their "Mayflower" across the Atlantic. As the ancient Hebrews considered themselves to be "the chosen people of God", so did the WASP "pilgrims".آ As the ancient Hebrews made a "covenant" with "God" during their wandering, so did the WASPs. And as the ancient Hebrews finally arrived in the "promised land" of Canaan, so did the WASPs in the "promised" New English Canaan.

Both the Hebrews and the WASPs wanted to establish "a city upon a hill", a biblical notion of supposedly "a utopian society". In fact, the WASP "pilgrims" referred to their settled-colonies in North America by such names as "Israel", "God's new Israel", "Zion", and "the promised land".

Akash then eloquently argued that the "biblical Jewish/Zionist" philosophy, espoused by the American founding WASP fathers, has naturally evolved into the following 5 basic doctrines, which have guided American policies from the earliest blood baths in Plymouth to the current butchery in Afghanistan:

1. The Israeli meaning of the US (the Hebrew mythology that created the nation).

2. The Divine Election doctrine, "Chosen People" imagery, and the superiority of the WASP race and culture.

3. The right to lead and "save" the world (errand in the wilderness).

4. The predestined expansion (the divine right and ability to expand US domains endlessly).

5. The right to sacrifice the other.

Accordingly, as a direct result of these 5 ingrained doctrines in the American political and social psyches, the author correctly concluded that the intentional annihilation of Native Americans by the "super race" WASPs was not a unique or abnormal occurrence in American history. Rather, "the right to sacrifice the other" has always been a constant and systematic American norm from the dawn of the American nation to the present........"


Following are excerpts from Saddam Hussein's remarks during several sessions of his trial. The excerpts were aired on Al-Jazeera TV in December 2005.

December 5 2005

Saddam Hussein: Your honor...

Judge: Yes...

Saddam Hussein: When I'm talking, you should consider me as your brother - your brother in the sense of brothers in Iraq, in the nation. I care about a death sentence even less than about an Iraqi's shoe. I'm not afraid of being executed. You know me better than all the people of the world. No one needs to talk about my record from 1959 to this day. I know that you are being pressured...

Judge: Do you have any specific question?

Saddam Hussein: Yes, I do.

I have served you for thirty years.

Judge: This is a criminal case. If you have any relevant question or comment...

Saddam Hussein: Give me a chance... give me a chance... Give me a chance, don't cut me off. I'm not defending myself, I'm defending you. He gets to bring his files in, while Saddam Hussein must write oh his hand what he wants to remember to say to the judges.

Your honor, I want you to be like lances and swords confronting the enemies.

December 21, 2005

I am not here to defend Saddam Hussein. As I've said before, Saddam Hussein is too great to be defended by Saddam Hussein himself.

Even if you don't pray, according to Iraq's constitution - whether by the constitution signed by Saddam Hussein, in which he believes, or the fabricated constitution, which was dictated to the Iraqis by the American advisor - Islam is the religion of the state. Twice I brought to your attention that it was prayer time, but it was ignored.

Judge: It was not ignored, but the witness...

Saddam Hussein: How can you say it was not ignored?

Judge: The testimony cannot be interrupted...

Saddam Hussein: What!? The Lord Almighty must wait until the testimony is over?

The (witness) talked about rooms without windows. In the lest session - and I'm not saying this to embarrass you or anyone else - I asked for someone to come and see the rooms used for imprisonment now, under American democracy.

Any harm done to any Iraqi gives me as much heartache as him - not because I'm afraid of him or of any other human. I fear only Allah. But this is how I feel: Any harm done to the gentlemen who testified is wrong. Whoever did this must be punished according to the law. But this happened in a Third World country - as America calls it - twenty-five years ago. But what is happening now... now... now... Is there anyone - beginning with Saddam Hussein and ending with all those present - who has not been beaten, and who doesn't still bear the marks to this day? Your honor, it is the court's duty to look into it, whether now or later.

He asked whether I was beaten.

Judge: If you have any such claims, write them down and submit them...

Saddam Hussein: No, please. I am not a student in you school. Don't make me speak in a way that none of us want. He interrupted me and went on talking. You didn't silence him. He asked a question, and my answer is: "Yes, I was beaten all over my body, and I bear the marks to this day.

Yes, we were beaten. We were beaten by the Americans. We were tortured, each and every one of us. When that man gets up, he has to lean on the wall so he doesn't fall. He received rifle blows to the neck, until they crippled him. That one was crippled. Barzan was crippled. Abu Nadia - they even took the bones out of his legs.

December 22, 2005

I'm no lawyer. You know me. I like to call a spade a spade in politics and in everything else. That's why the Zionists and the Americans... The top officials hate Saddam Hussein. The White House is lying once again. He's a liar. He's the world's number one liar. He said that there were chemical weapons in Iraq, and that Iraq is connected to terrorism. Later he declared: We didn't find any of this in Iraq. What I want to say is that he also declared that what Saddam Hussein said is not true. I showed my injuries to three American medical committees in succession.

This is defamation of your president of thirty-five years. It means that the Iraqis accepted a man who is a liar, and the Iraqis would nee accept a liar, and this is why they reject those liars now.

Saddam Hussein - in the American democracy that has been put to shame here, in great Iraq - was not allowed to wear his watch. This is not my watch. The watch I has they stole. One of my daughters, whom they exiled, gave her father a watch as a present. That is the watch they prevented Saddam Hussein from wearing. I'm only saying this so you can make the comparison. They tore the robes I was wearing all the way down. This way, they believe, they are hurting Saddam Hussein, diminishing his personality. But Saddam Hussein's personality is not measured by his clothes. This is a mark of shame on them, but it only makes Saddam Hussein greater, not smaller. I only say this so that the defendant...

Judge: He's the prosecutor, not the defendant...

Saddam Hussein: Excuse me? The prosecutor. The prosecutor and the witness should listen and make the comparison – although I didn't (try to) kill Bush.

Your honor...

Barzan Tikriti: Your honor, those low-lifes are laughing and cursing.

Saddam Hussein: In any case... Barzan, let those monkeys laugh. A lion doesn't care if a monkey in a tree is laughing at him. Take it easy. Look at me, I don't care about this nonsense.

One of the prosecutors described our great (Ba'th) party as blood-spilling. To describe my party and myself, since I'm its leader... I am proud to be the leader of the people.

I don't care if even Peres comes here - I'm not referring to you or anyone else who opposes them... I don't mind if he sits here and tries me. Like the Egyptians say, tuzz on him ("to hell with him"), and on his ridiculous entity. I don't care if Bush comes and sits here and tries me. Tuzz on him and on his chair... and on his father before him. Double tuzz on them!

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell
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