The Great IRAQ!
Saturday, December 30, 2006
Saddam turned martyr

A symbol cannot be killedThe press conference by which the imperator expressed his cruel congratulations to the hanging of Saddam Hussein leaves no doubt about the real author of this political homicide. Saddam was in American hands. It was them to arrest him and keep him in custody. Only after being sure that he will be executed they consigned him to their lackeys.But by killing a man they could not kill a symbol. A symbol of irreducible and uncompromising hostility to imperial arrogance of American neo-colonialism.

The emblem Saddam is even more dangerous as he was not only a rebel but a head of a state which demonstrated until the end that he is not ready to bog down before the occupiers. Far away from half-heartedly trying to bargain for his personal survival he never gave in to the hypocrite arguments of the invaders.They turned Saddam into a martyr of the Iraqi liberation struggle. He will serve as a example for all anti-imperialist fighters for his tenacity and steadfastness.They hoped to exemplarily punish those who do not lick their boots.

They wanted to demonstrate the world that there is no remote corner which escapes their vengeance. What they actually achieved it to increase the hate of the peoples against them.The world has understood the message. The wretched will know to redeem getting rid of the civilisation of death of which the US has become the most bloody paladin.

Anti-imperialist Camp
December 30, 2006
Friday, December 29, 2006

Dear Ms. Nancy Pelosi,
House Democratic Leader


I am sure you have read Baker-Hamilton Report and I understand that it, clearly, concludes that the American invasion of Iraq is a total failure, and that it was the most brutal and cruel act against Iraq and Iraqis. It also states that it is now impossible to change the course of actions to the benefit of the United State . It is George Bush who put the future of the United States in this dark pit, and when he got stuck, he started digging deeper and deeper and sinking in that hole instead of retreating upward. It is he, George Bush, who took U.S.A. as the world leader to destroy its leadership in the Iraqi swamps. The American failure in Iraq will trigger more disasters in America, starting with US economy, and then the political system inside the US will follow, which will lead to total disaster putting the future of the US in the fate of unknown.

It is sad that when one loses his compass and takes the wrong way, instead of going back to find out the right direction, he loses his sense of directions which may take them to the abyss, and that is what the report suggested. The Baker-Hamilton report should have represented the compass by which the American administration could once more find its way, instead it continued to make the same mistakes as the Bush administration by wanting to correct the wrongs by staying on the same path. The Baker-Hamilton report was only an attempt at correcting a mistake by continuing with its essence, which is the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, and not leaving Iraq for the Iraqis. For this reason, it will not solve the problem, especially since it ignored the most important aspect of the problem, which is the armed national resistance by considering it one of several parties or organizations which should be compiled into the political process, instead of the main factor in the fate of Iraq since its invasion.

If the Iraqi Resistance (IR) is, just, one force in between the forces who share the political game with the US in Iraq, then how did it destroy your project in Iraq and the Middle East ? And then drove the Bush Administration to admit its failure in Iraq?

I am sure you know these facts, but if you don't, it means that you are still under the propaganda umbrella of that administration which is another disaster. Because if you haven't figured out yet the fact that there are just two factors in Iraq; the US forces on one side and the Iraqi Resistance on the other, you will make the same mistake the Bush administration is still making, which is digging yourself deeper into the pit!

So, my question is, are you sure of your failure in occupying Iraq which is the worst disaster in the American history –as your colleague Madeleine Albright said- and want a way out? Or do you want to stay in Iraq and continue deeper into the pit, as gravity will naturally take you?

There is one way out, it is to sit with the Iraqi Resistance and negotiate the US retreat from Iraq as soon as possible. This means, your administration should be realistic and forget about winning the war in Iraq. The war that cost you hundreds of billions of dollars which could have helped solving the problems of people living in poverty, or used to help 40 million illiterate Americans. Instead, American households are receiving the corpses of their sons and daughters in black bags. And as you already know, the Iraqi Resistance has passed all the strategic as well as the tactical tests in its struggle to liberate Iraq, and the more the US forces are staying in Iraq the more causality they will suffer. So, changing the military, political, or security plans will not affect the IR strategy against US occupation forces!

Dear Madam,
I want to introduce to you my advice that the only way out of Iraq with grace and dignity is to recognize the Iraqi Resistance as the only representative of the Iraqi people. And the key to that is the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, who is the only leader, can solve the security problems in term of hours after your forces leave Iraq. And if you asked yourself that why most people, lately, in Iraq agreed that Saddam should return to power, you will find the answer. The Iraqis believe that Saddam Hussein is the only leader who can put an end to the killings, destruction, and chaos in the Iraqi society caused by the US occupation. And he is the only one who can guarantee safe withdraw from Iraq .

Dear Madam,
Whatever you've done, and whatever we've done, there is a truth that has entered history with all of its proof and documents and witnesses: it is that you invaded Iraq and you destroyed it completely by returning it to the pre-Industrial Age, as James Baker threatened in 1991 the Iraqi leadership. Post-occupation Iraq has resulted in becoming an environment not suitable for human life- without clean water, or hospitals, or medication, or electricity or safety or food. It is rampant with drugs and organized crime, a place where abductions and killings are daily incidents. Another reality has been entered into history: you killed at least 30,000 Iraqis, according to the admissions of your president Bush. This number is ten times the number of victims of 9/11 which pushed you to kill innocents, and not the actual people responsible for this. If, however, we take the number published by the British journal Lancet, based on a study done by an American university, then you've killed 655 thousand Iraqis as a result of your invasion. According to Iraqi independent sources, however, the invasion has resulted in the deaths of more than one million Iraqis. America is responsible for their deaths because according to the international laws, as an occupier, it is responsible for the security of the civilians of the occupied country. Maybe you do not know, Madam, that the American occupation, and with direct help from Iran or with help from political parties allied with Iran in Iraq, more than 6 million Iraqis have been forced out of the country and this has made them refugees all over the world as result of their fear of organized killings. If you doubt these facts due to the false information the CIA gives you, the UN itself has recognized the emigration of 1.5 million Iraqis since the invasion. This number of course does not represent the actual number of people who have been forced out of the country. This emigration or forced emigration is not spontaneous, but planned. Its goal is to change the demography of Iraq so that it becomes a country of multiple ethnicities and religions, in accordance with the constitution forced upon the country by the occupation. The reality is that 85% of the Iraqi population is Arabs.

To complete the plan to divide Iraq , your government allowed the entry of more than 4 million Iranians and Kurds into Iraq from Iran and Turkey. This was also to change the demography of the country and make the percentage of Arabs closer to the percentages of other ethnicities. This will result in the division of Iraq, just as Yugoslavia was divided!

If some have told you that these facts are exaggerated, I suggest you bring together an international investigative committee to study how many people have been forced to leave the country and how many people were allowed into the country and given the Iraqi citizenship in spite of the fact that they were not Iraqi. There was even an admission from the former Iraqi prime minister Ibraheim Al Jaffari where he said that Iraqi citizenship was given to 2.5 million people after the invasion. If others have told you that this is the work of Iran and the political parties allied with it, I must remind you that these parties work with America and the last two prime ministers were from the Daawa Party which is allied with Iran and currently cooperating with America. The American government has opened a Pandora's Box with its invasion of Iraq and its destruction of its nation, which once represented an island of stability in an ocean of chaos. From this box, many evils have escaped and they will not remain trapped in Iraq or even only around it. If the invasion continues, these evils will surely reach America . Did you intentionally mean to spread evil around the world?

These facts have entered history and along with them another fact which shocks the human conscience. It is that all of the excuses for invading Iraq were lies. Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction, by your own admission after the war, in spite of the fact that this accusation was what convinced you as a Congress to invade Iraq. Iraq did not have links to Al Qaeda as your investigations proved after the invasion. This was the second accusation that convinced you to invade Iraq. Are there any other accusations that were used to legitimize the invasion!? Yes. There was an accusation of violation of human rights and it was a secondary accusation. Therefore, the invasion of Iraq, its destruction and its return to the pre-Industrial age, and the killing of 1 million Iraqis and the torture of a complete population and the transformation of complete cities into mass graves as was done in Fallujah, were a result of false accusations and excuses to legitimize the invasion. What human conscience would permit this and be silent about it? What ethics would allow someone to do this without criticism or accountability? If you think that your strength will protect you from accountability, what goes around comes around and there is a saying that goes, "If those before you had kept it, it would never have gotten to you." Tomorrow, Madam, a time will come when America will be held accountable for these ugly crimes against the innocent Iraqi people who never harmed America, and were never its enemies. Also, if you did not know before, I am obliged to tell you now that the Iraqi people hold America responsible for its tragedies which are the worst since 8,000 years of Iraqi history. This conviction holds true for Arabs and Muslims alike and for most people all over the world who were shocked by your unbelievable reaction to the admission that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction!

Imagine, Madam, that an American police officer killed a man with the excuse that the man was going to shoot him. The investigators later come to the conclusion that the man never actually had a weapon. What would your reaction be then? Surely you would ask that the police officer be punished according to the law. This example is not different from what happened in Iraq where responsibility is concerned, the differences lie in the magnitude and type of crime. Why aren't your voices raised to hold accountable the people responsible for destroying a country and killing one million Iraqis? Is it permissible to kill Iraqis because they are not Americans? Or do the victims of 9/11 make it permissible to kill tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis? You may not think of these questions in America, but the whole world does. This will have dangerous ethical and legal repercussions on America and her people if you do not rush to correct your horrible mistakes in Iraq. The first step in America's exit from the black pit of Iraq is the admission that it made horrible mistakes with regards to the deaths of Americans in Iraq (and by the way, the Americans who've died in Iraq are now equal to those who died on 9/11), and these mistakes have resulted in damage to America's international reputation which will be difficult to fix. Also, the admission that the Iraqis suffered pains unknown to them in the history of the country, as abovementioned. The second step is to negotiate quickly with the resistance and its symbol, the POW Saddam Hussein to ensure a new beginning for relations between America and Arabs and Muslims based on mutual respect and cooperation based on mutual interests and human values.

Madam, you might say that your government has contacted the resistance and gotten nowhere. I answer you that yes, it did contact them, but what did it want? Did it want to correct its mistakes and escape Iraq with grace? Or did it want to trick the resistance into entering the political process, which would mean America would attempt a political victory after a military defeat. It is not required to bring the resistance into the political process, this would mean an admission of the occupation and an agreement to the occupations continuance at the point of its demise. What is necessary is the complete and unconditional withdrawal of the occupation forces and handing over power to the resistance. This is the only solution and these are the conditions of the resistance. These conditions must be accepted by America if it wants the resistance to help it out of the dark pit of Iraq .

By negotiating with Saddam Hussein, you will find a solution for the catastrophe of Iraq, and also a solution to the American catastrophe due to its invasion of Iraq. You will also find a solution to the problems of the whole area. So do you really want the stability of Iraq and the region, or do you only want to spread chaos and havoc in it? Your negotiations with Saddam Hussein will prove that you do not want chaos, and chaos in our area cannot be useful for you and damaging for us. The resistance has pulled you to the bottom of the pit, and the regional chaos, or Iraqi chaos, will harm you perhaps more than it harms the area. This is because for this chaos to be constructive, you must hold all of the strings, according to Condoleeza Rice. But the loss of American control will result in the burning of our houses as well as yours.

In conclusion I would like to remind you that we speak to you from a position of strength because your army is defeated in Iraq and we are at the same level. We speak to you to give you advice before it is too late. If there are other Iraqis like me, today, asking you to negotiate with the resistance and its representative Saddam Hussein, tomorrow there may not be someone willing to negotiate with you. The biggest sign that America wants to destroy the region will be the execution of Saddam Hussein. If he is executed, this will be a message that cannot be mistaken and it will indicate that you want to spread this chaos across the whole region. At that point, there will be no barrier keeping this 'constructive chaos' from inevitably reaching America. Have you forgotten we live in a digital village?

Salah Al Mukhtar

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Thursday, December 28, 2006



In an outrageous intervention in the judiciary, Mr.Mowafaq Al-Rubaie, who is not a judge or an official of any Iraqi court, was quick to announce the decision of the Cassation Panel to approve the death sentences, which were issued by the first trial panel of the Iraqi court. Al-Rubaie did not wait for the panel of the court to announce its decision by itself.

In the aftermath of a show trial which lacked the basic standards of a fair trial, and after five lawyers were martyred while they were doing their noble duty, and after wasting the rights of defense, the Cassation Panel of the court issued its decision to be the final say in (this) recklessness of law, its rules and all the applicable norms in such cases, let alone this trial of the age.

Let it be known for all that the Defense Committee has submitted cassation submissions to contest the verdict of 5 November 2006 and that was on 3 December 2006 and on 17 December 2006.

Imagine that a cassation panel could read, view and consider not less than 1500 pages of arguments that were submitted in behalf of President Saddam Hussein in less than ten days. Is it possible for any impartial or fair man of law, or even an ordinary person to believe or be convinced that this so-called cassation panel was able to read all these submissions, let alone reviewing them and responding to each of the arguments they contain??

This approval of the verdict confirms clearly the continued shedding (spilling) of pure Iraqi blood by the current regime in Iraq, which directly connected with the American occupation through either direct assassination, which are carried out by, forces of darkness and militias of betrayal or through show trials, which result in unjust judgments.

We call upon the United Nations Organization with all its bodies, all the concerned international organizations, and we urge Arab governments and the Arab League Organization to intervene in order to put an end to this bloody series in Iraq. Otherwise, all may be participating in what is going on, either actually or due to their silence in face of the crimes, which are being committed in Iraq in the name of democracy or by the name of law.

The Defense Committee
For President Saddam Hussein

26 December 2006

Jordan – Amman
Tel : 00965166679 Fax : 0096265166689
Mailing Address 841073 Amman 11181 Jordann

Email :

Friday, December 22, 2006

Gabriele Zamparini wrote, today, about the so-called dispute in the White House on the issue of Iraq:

Cannon fodder in Christmas’ times

Cannon fodder in Christmas’ times
Santa Claus Bush is preparing to deliver his special Christmas’ gift: “We do need to increase our troops”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon unanimously disagreed but hey, do you want to question the Clown in Chief who hid into the Texas National Guard (and even there he was an AWOL) to avoid to fight in the Vietnam war? [That’s probably the only good thing this scam has done in all his life, at least he didn’t kill anybody, THEN!]

Even war criminal Powell – the clown of the UN show just before the invasion – “said the U.S. Army is ‘about broken’ from the Iraq conflict and cast doubt on whether the military could or should boost the number of troops in the country. ‘There really are no additional troops'’ to send, Powell said on CBS's ‘Face the Nation’ program. ‘The current active Army is not large enough and the Marine Corps is not large enough for the kinds of missions they are being asked to perform’."

But the propaganda machine is working full time.

On Thursday he [Defense Secretary Robert Gates] had breakfast with ordinary soldiers to sound out their views on troop levels, a timeline for training Iraqis, sectarian leanings in the Iraqi security forces and the "caliber and discipline" of Iraqi soldiers and their military leaders.

"Sir, I think we need to just keep doing what we're doing," Specialist Jason Glenn told Gates. "I really think we need more troops here. With more presence on the ground, more troops might hold them (the insurgents) off long enough to where we can get the Iraqi army trained up."

No soldier present said U.S. forces should be brought home, and none said current troop levels were adequate, as some commanders have argued.

A young US soldier’s mother recently wrote: “Two weeks ago he called by satellite phone, awakening Amy and me in the dead of the night. Machine gun fire was all around him, the sound of war filling our ears and hearts with grief and fear of loss. (…) He says that this war cannot be won! He has no faith in the politicians who sent him there.”

In Basra, the greatest liar since the times of Pinocchio met the young British troops he has sent to kill and torture people nothing had done to them and their country. Once again the butcher of London brainwashed the youth “Our country and countries like it are having to rediscover what it means to fight for what we believe in. All over the world the same struggle is going on and if we don't stand up and fight for the people of tolerance and moderation who want to live together, whatever their fate, then the people of hatred and sectarianism will triumph."

We must take much more care of our youth and not allow this gang of pedophiles to abuse and send them to foreign countries as cannon fodder. Those who have their sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan should read A letter to an American G.I. written by an Iraqi woman. This letter would be the most important Christmas gift for your children. Send it to them!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Letter from the Iraqi tribal leaders
from all over Iraq; south, north, and middle

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Dear congressmen of the Democratic Party,

We, the Iraqi tribal leaders from all over Iraq; south, north, and middle, represent the majority of Iraqi people from all religions, sects, and origins. We denounce the death sentence against the legal president of Iraq H.E. Saddam Hussein, for the following reasons:

We would like to inform you that no president served Iraq as Saddam Hussein did. And so, we met at Kirkuk, months ago, and announced our demands to release our legitimate president Saddam Hussein and request he return to his position. We did announce also, at that meeting, that we will join the Iraqi resistance with millions of our armed men fighting against US forces if it executes H.E. Saddam Hussein. And we will hold the U.S. as responsible for all the destruction of Iraqi infrastructure and killings of more than 655 thousands of Iraqis, and responsibility of the death of the four million Iraqis due to the thirteen years of sanctions against our people. All these crimes have been documented against the U.S. Administration which proved that there was no ground that Iraq has WMD nor had relations with al-Qaeda.

So, we believe that it is your ethical responsibility to help us to reinstall things as they were before the invasion, and to prevent any harm or danger to H.E. Saddam Hussein either by you or by your Iraqi puppet government, keeping in mind that H.E. is a POW in your custody.

Dear Sirs,
We would like to express our aspiration in peace between our countries. We would like to re-establish good relations with the U.S., yet the only way to do that is to begin handing-over the authority to the Iraqi legitimate leaders, and preventing any authority of your puppet Iraqi government on H.E. Saddam Hussein. And we would like to inform you that any harm occurring against H.E. will assure us that all the crimes and destruction we are suffering is not because of US administration mistakes, but it is because of a pre-planed evil-will of the U.S. government against the Iraqi people and against the future relations between our countries.
And we would like to assure you that if the U.S. ignores our peaceful demands, we will join the Iraqi resistance against the US forces, which will lead to all kinds of danger to the future of the US and the world.
We are asking you to stop the ongoing lying of the US Administration and its daily horrible crimes against the Iraqi people, that may lead to the peace we both seeking.

Signed By:
Leaders of the following Iraqi tribes:

  1. Al-Ubaid Tribe
  2. Al- Juboor Tribe
  3. Al- Niem Tribe
  4. Al-Bu Hamdan Tribe
  5. Al-Bu Mifar'ij Tribe
  6. Al- Fadh'lat Tribe
  7. Al- Wishahat Tribe
  8. Al-Bu Rayash Tribe
  9. Al-Bu Ali Tribe
  10. Al- Azza Tribe
  11. Al- Klibat Tribe
  12. Al- Har'ran Tribe
  13. Al- Ibada Tribe
  14. Al- Badran tribe
  15. Al- Ma'amra Tribe
  16. Al- Danadeesh Tribe
  17. Al- Bayat Tribe
  18. Iiniza Tribe
  19. Bani Jameel Tribe\
  20. Al- Sa'yah Tribe
  21. Al- Bdier Tribe
  22. Al'ibada Tribe
  23. Al- Jihaish Tribe
  24. Al- Sab'aawieen Tribe
  25. Al- Igidat Tribe
  26. Al- Zubaid Tribe
  27. Albu Mitai'wit Tribe
  28. Albu Khashman Tribe
  29. Albu Aamir Tribe
  30. Albu Haidar Tribe
  31. Al-Door Tribe
  32. Al-Mawali Tribe
  33. Al-Bidour Tribe
  34. Al-Aa'mirliya Al-Bayatia Tribe
  35. Al- Sum'maidaa Tribe
  36. Al- Hamdoon Tribe
  37. Aal Shahir Al-Dosoum Tribe
  38. Al- Lihieb Tribe
  39. Al- Zihirat Tribe
  40. Al- Ziheria Tribe
  41. Al- Dalfia Tribe
  42. Al- Shi'yaisha Tribe
  43. Albu Gat'ti Tribe
  44. Albu Abbass Tribe
  45. Al- Ta'ie Tribe
  46. Aal Butti thee Qar Tribe
  47. Aana Tribes
  48. Al- Qaisia Tribe
  49. Al- Najajra Tribe
  50. Albu Aitha Tribes
  51. Aal Zoubaa Tribe
  52. Albu Salama Tribe
  53. Al- Siidat tribe
  54. Al- Ridaineya Ashraf Tribe
  55. Albu Fahad Tribe
  56. Al- Swe'id Tribe
  57. Al- Janabi'een Tribe
  58. Al- Daham'sha Tribe
  59. Bani Khalid Al- Makhzoumi Tribe
  60. Al- Jumaila Tribe
  61. Al- Min'daia Sect
  62. Al'sada Al- Bug'ara
  63. Al'sada Aal Annaz
  64. Al'sada Al- Hie'yalieen
  65. Al'sada Al Al-amiedi
  66. Al'sada Aal Witwit
  67. Al'sada Al- Ji'aafra
  68. Al'sada Al- Rifa'iya
  69. Al'sada Al-Awadi
  70. Al'sada Al-Nouri
  71. Al'sada Al- Hawashim
  72. Al'sada Al- Ihroub
  73. Al'sada Al- Hamashi
  74. Al'sada Al- Jabiri
  75. Al'sada Al- Jaza'iri
  76. Al'sada Al- Wajidi
  77. Al'sada Al- Juruf
  78. Al'sada Al- Zamili
  79. Al'sada Al- Ghalibi
  80. Al'sada Al- Nawaji
  81. Al'sada Bani Yasir
  82. Al'sada Al- Shouro'a
  83. Al'sada Al- Mishahda
  84. Al'sada Al- Shari'a
  85. Al'sada Al- Bu Nassir
  86. Al'sada Al- Magassiss
  87. Al'sada Al- Daynieen
  88. Al'sada Al- Ab'khat
  89. Al'sada Al- Ghirabi
  90. Al'sada Al- Midam'gha
  91. Al'sada Al- Hilou
  92. Al'sada Al- Gharieb
  93. Al'sada Al- Mouzan
  94. Al'sada Al- Im'ihanna
  95. Al'sada Al- Bu Tubiekh
  96. Al'sada Al- Mashitta
  97. Al'sada Al- Sawam'ra
  98. Al'sada Al- Alaaq
  99. Al'sada Aal Yasir
  100. Al'sada Al- Rawieen
  101. Al'sada Al- Hadithieen
  102. Al'sada Biet Al-Il'wiya
  103. Al'sada Albu Gidaimi
  104. Al'sada Al-Moula
  105. Al'sada Albu Righief
  106. Al'sada Biet Humiedhat Al-hayadir
  107. Aal Al-Tabaq'chali �Baghdad
  108. Aal Haddad �Baghdad
  109. Aal Al-Shaikh Gumar �Baghdad
  110. Al Dragh �Baghdad
  111. Aal Rasheed �Baghdad
  112. Aal Al-Shaikh Yasin Al-Rifaee �Baghdad
  113. Aal Mehdi Al-Mousawi -Baghdad
  114. Aal Muftti -Baghdad
  115. Aal Al-Jaial -Baghdad
  116. Aal Tabbra -Baghdad
  117. Aal Al-Aadhami -Baghdad
  118. Aal Al-Kaimaqchi -Baghdad
  119. Aal Dalla -Baghdad
  120. Aal Al-Qudsi -Baghdad
  121. Aal Al-Imam -Baghdad
  122. Aal Al-Mudalal -Baghdad
  123. Aal Al-Karkhi -Baghdad
  124. Aal Al-Aalusi -Baghdad
  125. Aal Al-Khateeb -Baghdad
  126. Aal Al- Gailani -Baghdad
  127. Aal Rouagh -Baghdad
  128. Aal Tobban -Baghdad
  129. Aal Al-Shaikhli -Baghdad
  130. Aal Sakna -Baghdad
  131. Aal Yaseen -Baghdad
  132. Aal Al-Haidari -Baghdad
  133. Aal Al-Yateem -Baghdad
  134. Aal Al-Mitwali -Baghdad
  135. Aal Al- Mudaris -Baghdad
  136. Aal Najim -Baghdad
  137. Aal Najim Al-Deen -Baghdad
  138. Aal Al-Makhzoom -Baghdad
  139. Aal Al-Qayar -Baghdad
  140. Aal Al-Sahou -Baghdad
  141. Aal Al-Doula'e -Baghdad
  142. Aal Al-Fakhri -Baghdad
  143. Aal Talib -Baghdad
  144. Aal Al-Aabdi -Baghdad
  145. Aal Abdul Jalil -Baghdad
  146. Aal Al-Ghazali -Baghdad
  147. Aal Hussein Al-Rifaee -Baghdad
  148. Aal Al-Shawi -Baghdad
  149. Aal Abdul Rasoul -Baghdad
  150. Aal Al-Kadhimi -Baghdad
  151. Aal Al-Shibli -Baghdad
  152. Aal Zaibuq -Baghdad
  153. Aal Al-Mukhtaar -Baghdad
  154. Aal Khalaf Jawad -Baghdad
  155. Aal Radhwan -Baghdad
  156. Aal Al-Diroubi -Baghdad
  157. Aal Al-Zaibuq -Baghdad
  158. Aal Al-Dafa'ie -Baghdad
  159. Aal Saied Ali -Baghdad
  160. Aal Al-Dahaan -Baghdad
  161. Aal Al-Khishali -Baghdad
  162. Aal Al-Sahrawerdi -Baghdad
  163. Aal Kuhla -Baghdad
  164. Aal Mula Hummadi -Baghdad
  165. Aal Al-AAbou -Baghdad
  166. Aal Fiadh -Baghdad
  167. Aal Yasin -Baghdad

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